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Remotely Possible for Win95 Control your NT servers and Windows 95 desktops from wherever you are. For its speed, ease of use, and compatibility, Remotely Possible/32 is a must have tool!
Size: 1,274K
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win windows 2007 windows xp audio pixma ip 1200  
Add Printer Remotely Add Printer Remotely Add Printer Remotely has the ability to add a printer(s) to many different computers over a network
Size: 16 KB
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network printer disable remotely remotely remotely view  
Remotely control server desktop by IP-name Remotely control server- desktop by IP- name
Size: 481 KB
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Spy on your PC remotely Screen Shots taker Screen Shots taker Spy on your PC through totally hidden program. Please note spying on some one else's computer is...
Size: 1000 KB
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note taker pics taker screenshot taker email taker  
Shutdown After ShutDown After is a simple tool to shutdown windows at scheduled time
Size: 1.19MB
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time Shutdown hibernate pc shutdown windows Scheduled  
Shutdown-IT Program your computer to turn off at a scheduled time.
Size: 552.67K
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Scheduled scheduled time Scheduled Launcher  

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RemoteShutdown Allows an administrator to remotely shutdown any number of NT/2000/XP Workstations over which they have administrative control
Size: 336 KB
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Shutdown remote shutdown Administrative control  
ReMote OFF Button Shutdown or Reboot any machine on a Network.
Size: 18 KB
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remote button reboot Shutdown Restart reboot server  
RemoteSRL A small utility that offers remote shutdown and restart of servers or workstations
Size: 852.33K
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reboot Shutdown Logoff remote shutdown logoff computer  
Bluethman ShutDownShutDown ShutDown v1.66 will shutdown your computer. Quicker than clicking on Start and then ShutDown or using NT's Program Manager to shutdown. Shutdown the computer from a batch file or a shortcut on the 95
Size: 65K
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system shutdown shutdown computer Shortcut Manager toolkit  
TweetMyPC Remote control your PC with twitter
Size: 382.48K
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send remote remote control twitter Twitter Command  
RemShutdown Allows remote shutdown or restart of all network computers
Size: 1.0 MB
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remote reboot Shutdown remote reboot network shutdown Nero  

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Remote Shut Down Remoteshutdown allows to remotely (over the network) shutdown and power off, restart or switch to standby mode any Windows Workstation or Server. In addition, you can specify a message which will be d...
Size: 116 KB
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remote Shut Shutdown network shutdown remote shutdown  
Shutdown Command As a system shutdown manager utility program, Shutdown Command have more powerful and easier functions, it can help you to remotely shutdown one or several computers on your network quickly and easily...
Size: 532 KB
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close Shutdown shutdown PC Computer Shutdown  
Soft Power ShutDown Soft Power ShutDown not only can do the tasks locally, it can also do the tasks remotely once the software is connected to other computer. To use the software remotely, please ensure that Soft Power S...
Size: 1.23MB
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Shutdown shut down Suspend Monitor Suspend turn  
Simple Remote Shutdown Manage your PC's shutdown, restart actions locally or remotely Simple Remote Shutdown Allows you to Simply to shutdown , restart , log off , hibernate , sleep and lock workstation your local computer...
Size: -
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Mortens ShutDown The Mortens shutdown application was designed to be a tool to shut down a computer at a specific dat...Furthermore you can abort the shut down procedure or change the time settings (remotely) during run ...
Size: 1.1 MB
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Shutdown System Restart Shutdowner Reboot System  
RemotePS exe to the computer from where you want to remotely shutdown and enter enter the IP address of the remote PC in order to close it.
Size: 62 MB
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shutdown computer close Shutdown remote shutdown turn off